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So why did I create this site? Well, I recently came across that INCREDIBLE anime (Japanese cartoon for the uniniated) Vandread and I loved it to bits! Plus, I also enjoy reading fan fiction! Anyway, my searching through the Internet yielded very few Vandread sites and none of these were fanfic related! This situation has to be rectified immediately! Surely there must be one, if not many, Vandread fan whose written some fanfics! And if that is the case, then they need somewhere so it can be read!

Thus, I created this site. Feel free to take a look around! And if you have a Vandread fanfic, and you would like to see it referenced here, then please read the Submission requirements below!

Update: 30th May 2013 "A message from Spike: No I'm not dead. I am in fact alive and well and would like you to know that a brand new forum has just released. Go check it out!"

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